PCB Conformal Coating For G1/G2/G3 Compliances

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We are a Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of PCB Conformal Coatings, specifically PCB Conformal Coating For G1/G2/G3 Compliances. Our setup is located in Pune, Maharashtra, India. We target customers from ALL OVER THE WORLD.

What is the PCB Conformal Coating For G1/G2/G3 Compliances?

PCB conformal coatings for G1/G2/G3 compliances refer to conformal coatings that meet specific standards and requirements for protecting printed circuit boards (PCBs) in various environmental conditions. G1, G2, and G3 are classifications defined by the International Electro technical Commission (IEC) in their standard IEC 60068-2-60. These classifications define the severity of environmental conditions that a conformal coating should be able to withstand.

Here's a brief explanation of each compliance level:

1 . G1 Compliance: G1 represents the mildest environmental conditions. Conformal coatings labelled with G1 compliance are designed to provide protection against relatively low levels of humidity and contaminants.

2 .G2 Compliance: G2 represents moderate environmental conditions. Conformal coatings with G2 compliance are formulated to withstand higher levels of humidity and contaminants compared to G1 coatings. They offer increased protection in more demanding environments.

3 .G3 Compliance: G3 represents the most severe environmental conditions. Conformal coatings labelled with G3 compliance are specifically engineered to provide the highest level of protection against extreme humidity, chemical exposure, and other harsh environmental factors.

By specifying the G1/G2/G3 compliance level, manufacturers and users of PCBs can ensure that the conformal coatings applied to the boards are suitable for the intended operating environment. These coatings help protect the PCBs and their components from moisture, dust, chemicals, and other potential sources of damage, thereby enhancing their reliability and longevity.

Conins Acrylcoat - SKR - 70
Introducing Conins Acrylcoat - SKR - 70, a thicker conformal coating that provides excellent transparency and protection for electronic circuits and metal parts. Acrylcoat SKR-70 offers a strong bond to the surface and results in a coating thickness of 280 microns after drying.

Advantage SKR - 70 :

• Protects against corrosion and rusting in highly humid conditions

• Can serve as a replacement for potting materials with its transparency and    hardness

•  Guards against certain gases present in the air

• Ensures components mounted on PCBs remain secure even during vibration or   shaking

• Coating can be removed with a solvent

• Offers high dielectric strength

• Coating is traceable under a UV lamp


• Suitable for environments with very high humidity, dew, or water drops, particularly in G1/G2/G3 conditions where 5 to 10% industrial gases are present

• Ideal for outdoor LED lighting exposed to artificial water drops or fountains

• Defence applications

• Automotive applications, including electrical bus bars and switchgear insulation

How to apply

• Apply by brush or dipping method

• Drying time is approximately 15 to 25 minutes (air drying)

• For faster drying, pre-heat and post-heat at 50 degrees Celsius for 2-3 minutes

• Shelf life is 3-4 months from the date of manufacturing when stored in an airtight condition

• Always store in a cool place


• The product is flammable, so keep away from fire or sparks during storage and application

• Use a mask and gloves when applying the coating to ensure safety